Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day two May 31, 2012 Italy  On Wednesday we woke up rea lly early to get to the airport. We checked in and then got onto our plane for Atlanta. We got to Atlanta and then had a 3 hour wait. When we finally got to Milan after a really long plane flight we got our suitcases but unfortunately Ben's got left in Atlanta.  Our first day in Milan we immediately went to practice which was good because it woke us up for the rest of the site seeing. Seeing all the sites in Milan was great! We got to see a castle first which was awesome and some peddlers tried to sell us really cheap bracelets but Tim our tour guide stopped us from getting ripped off. We also took a tram to the Duomo which was really cool we got to see some amazing architecture. Unfortunately only Hannah and Ashley Rhoades got to go in to the church because of the strict dress codes.  the rest of us explored the city of Milan and found souvenirs. Kelly, Lexi and I went to go eat at a little cafe and enjoyed the food a lot especially since it was our first real Italian meal! Later in the evening Ashley Rhoades, Hannah, and I went to get gelato which was excellent!  So overall the first day was a great way to start off our Italy trip and I can't wait to play against the teams and to see more of Italy and enjoy the trip! Megan Short #12

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