Sunday, June 3, 2012

Day 4: This morning we woke up and had an amazing breakfast. We had fresh squeezed juice, fresh fruit, and great bread. Miquella, Jordan, Megan and I went down the street to an outdoor mall to go shopping. It was very difficult figuring out sizes and good pricing when shopping. Talking with workers can be hard but fun. Most of the time they just laugh and continue to talk in Italian. Megan and I found some very good deals and cute Italian clothes. We pretty much bought an entire store.  After shopping, we ate at the Italian National teams facility and had some good pasta and meat. The food here really can fill you up. When lunch as over we went and had a great pass and serve to lead to into a great match. We played hard and really got the job done. Miquella and Jordan had a collision in game 3 that really helped bring up the teams level of intensity. We played hard and fought to win a tough match in four games.  When the game was over we had a little time to get ready and go downtown to eat dinner. The pizza here in Italy is a lot better than in the USA. It does not have a lot of sauce or a lot of cheese. After pizza we had french fries (Ashley was very excited) and meat. Next was desert. Of course our team all wanted to try everything so they gave us a taste of each desert and. It was AMAZING!!! When dinner was done we were allowed to stay out on the town for a couple hours so the team all went out and viewed the town.  We will keep you posted with more updates!! Chantale #3

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