Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 5 Hi everyone from Rome! Today has been full of excitement walking the cobble stone streets of one of the most beautiful cities.  We have stopped at the Treves Fountain and the Spanish Steps today.  We all sat with our backs facing the fountain to participate in one of the most famous traditions from Italy.  You are to throw a coin into the fountain with your back towards in and when your coin hits the water you will “return to the heart of Rome.”  With vendors on every corner and artists in between there is everything you could possibly wish to see here.  There was also a bit of excitement with one of the bracelet makers here who definitely had their sites set on Hannah.  He put a bracelet on her wrist told her it was free but asked for a kiss in return.  She decided a kiss on the cheek was worth the bracelet, but when she went in to give him this kiss he thought better and turned at the last second to plant one on her lips.   So far this trip has been awesome.  We are getting the opportunity of a lifetime and experiencing a completely different culture.  Looking at our sheet of translated English words to help us with the Italian we find ourselves sitting at many coffee shops with a shot of espresso or cappuccino just taking in the air.  Enjoying this and, of course… the gelato.  Mmm mmm! Ashley Newman #18

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