Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 3 June 2, 2012 Milan Hello Lobo friends and family, Today was our first full day in beautiful Milan, where we started out with a unique and yummy hotel breakfast. My favorite part of breakfast was the different kinds of juice ranging from pineapple, to watermelon, to grape fruit, all of which were delicious. After breakfast we met in the lobby and caught a bus to a little town outside of Milan called Como. This was a gorgeous town on the lake where we had a few hours to site see. There were a few different options of things we were able to do. One was to ride a boat around the lake which would stop at a bunch of little mini barges where people could get off and see each unique place, then re-board and continue on to the next place. This Entire tour took about an hour and those who went (including Jeff and his family, Elsa and her mother and friend and a few others) said it was an incredible trip. The second option was to go up the vehicular, which is a tram that went up the side of a huge hill. It reminded me of the tram we have in New Mexico except it was not as long as ours, and there was foliage And houses mixed in through out the ride up. A few people within our group went up the vehicular which included Doug, Lisa (and her parents) Jordie, Taylor, Ben and a few others. He said the view at the top was breath taking. The third option was to walk around the square which included Como's duomo (church) and plenty of little shops. This was a blast that I shared with Miquella,  Jordan, Hannah, Chantal, Megan, and Ashley Rhoades. We walked all around the little cobble stone streets taking pictures and laughing together. It was amazing to see all the little alleyways and all of the people what were inside them. I could have people watched there for hours. After a few hours we could not avoid our growling stomachs any longer. So we stopped at this little pizzarea right next to the lake, where we had delicious pizza bigger than our faces. It was the perfect lunch. After Como our group returned to the hotel where we changed for our first game against the Italian Junior National team. We all walked over to the facility together creating a big mob of silver and red in the streets of Milan. It was a sight to see, and made me smile to know I was a part of the experience, I wonder what all the Italians thought of our tomato suit attire. (Hannah calls us tomatoes when we wear all red). Maybe we will be the inspiration for a new fashion line within Milan's finest designers, who knows. We got to the gym and after watching the end of the men's national teams practice we had about 20 minutes to warm up and then show the Italian's our stuff. We ended up losing this match 3-1, which to all of us was very disappointing. We did not play a bad game, but it was definitely not our best. We would make runs of really good plays and get a few points ahead but then for some reason we could not conect any more, so a few dumb errors and they would be right back into the game. I felt we missed a lot of serves at times that turned into momentum killers. I'm glad we get to play this team again tomorrow because they only got to see a glimmer of what the Lobos are capable of. So tomorrow we will fix our mistakes and really leave it all out on the court. We shall  leave them with a beating they will not soon forget.  Tune in next time to hear from another one of my sisters and her experiances in Italy, but for now, as they say in Italy, Chao! Love, Lexi Ross #6

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