Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day #9 Hello Lobo Fans! The Lobo Volleyball team had a very eventful and fun day in Maribor, Slovenia. The team had an opportunity to go up the mountain right outside our hotel to enjoy a day with a high-ropes course and alpine slides. To get up the mountain, the team had to use the ski lift. Once everyone got up to the mountain, the group moved towards the high-ropes course to get suited up. Our group was so big that we had to split up into three groups. The eight girls on the volleyball team split into a group while all of the men split into another group. Ash, Kel, and I split into a third group with Janice, Louise, and Elsa's mom. The first two groups started the course first. The eight girls on the volleyball team started with a station where you climb up a 30 foot pole. Once you climb up the pole, you are supposed to stand on top of it and turn towards the group and just have to walk off. Yes, the girls had to just walk off the pole. I am one who isn't a fan of heights, but all of the girls made it look easy so I just told myself I had to do it. All of the girls did great and they were so supportive of one another. While the girls were climbing up the 30 foot pole, the men of the group started with a swinging activity. Side note, before we went up to the high-ropes course, no one in the group had any idea of what we were going to do. So, the men were in front of this contraption that one person at a time was to be hooked up and be lifted up into the air. I am not sure how high exactly everyone was getting pulled up to, but when I went I thought I was at least 500 feet high. Maybe that is a little dramatic, but you were pretty high up in the air. Carlos Gual, our athletic trainer, was the first guy to go. He got hooked up and the other guys had to pull him by a rope to get him lifted off the ground. Once Carlos was lifted off the ground, he pulled on his rope and he shot through the air. Oh, he shot backwards through the air. It was amazing to see. Everyone was so excited to try the swing. Other girls, like myself, were very nervous. Swinging through the air by a rope just didn't excite me too much. But again, everyone said it was an amazing experience so I had to do it. One by one, everyone went through the two stations on the high ropes course.  There were a couple of screams, but all in all, everyone had a blast. While you are swinging, the most amazing part of the swing is the view of the whole city of Maribor. The view was incredible. Once everyone was done with all of the activities, we had a quick lunch because the team had to get ready for the game. All of the girls ate first and once everyone was done, we went over the side of the mountain to race down on the alpine slides. The alpine slide was basically a roller coaster that is controlled by you. You had the control of going as fast or as slow as you want down the mountain. The alpine slides were so much fun! I wish I could have done it again. After a very eventful day on the mountain, the team got together and played a match against the Slovenian Junior National team. The team played well, but had some inconsistent moments. The team lost in five. All in all, the day was great but we wish it ended with a win on the volleyball court. Stay tuned to our last couple of days in Maribor, Slovenia. It has already been an experience I will never forget. Adijo! Allison Buck (Alumni) #8

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