Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 10 After having a fun day of the ropes course, a match, and wine tasting, it was time to spend our last day in Slovenia.  We all got up early and had breakfast to start us off on our long day.  After breakfast, we went back up to our rooms and got ready for our last match against the Austrian team at 10:30 in the morning.  We started warm up around 10:00.  It was the last match of the trip and we wanted to make sure we finished on a good note. Kelly and Taylor played with the Austrian team to "try out" and hopefully be a part of the team. The match then started.  The first set did not go as planned, we lost.  But then we finished the game off strong.  We won in four, but we decided to get one last set before we left to go back home.  Jeff wanted us to work hard and finish on a win.  Even though we won the match, we all felt the same. We wanted to end our trip on a good note.  So we started the 5th set and before we knew it, we were done.  We won the last set and now it was time to get our stuff ready for a 7 hour bus ride back to Milan.  We had about 45 minutes to get everything packed and showered.  Hannah, Chantale, Megan, Allison, and I ran to go get our last bit of gelato.  We ran to the nearest shop and got a huge gelato for one euro.  Then we went back to finish getting ready. The whole group got on the bus around 2:30 PM to start our long bus ride back.  We stopped at a store to get snacks and drinks for the road.  It was similar to a grocery store back home.  We all walk out with tons of snacks and we are ready to start the trip.  Most of us slept, others talked, while others were listening to music and enjoying the gorgeous views of Europe. About 4 hours later we stopped to get dinner.  The team ate at this restaurant at this truck stop.  We had dinner, threw the frisbee for a little bit, then got back on the road.  For the last 3 hours everyone was doing the same things.   We got into the hotel around 11:00 PM.  We were all tired and ready for bed. But for most of us we had to repack our bags.  Some of us bought wine and we could not carry that on so we had to fit all the clothes we brought as well as all the things we bought throughout the trip.  Let's just say most of us had to sit on our suitcases to zip them up. We knew we had to get a good night's rest because we had a long day ahead of us coming up.  The trip was a lot of fun but it was time to go home!!   Ashley Rhoades #4

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